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 5 Tips to Make a Child Feel Welcome in a Foster Home

When you’re a foster parent, you need to create a loving, supportive atmosphere in your home. When kids come to a foster home, they have to go through a lot of adjustments. They’ll probably have to move schools, make new friends, adjust to the workload and get used to having you and your spouse as foster parents. Plus, if there are other foster children in the home, they’ll have to develop relationships with them as well. All this can be pretty hard for a child, but you can make it easier by following a few tips.

Setting up a Room in a Foster Home

Every foster child is going to need their own space. So if you haven’t set up a room for them already, now is the time to do so. You can do the basic shopping on your own by getting all the furniture in place.

Personalizing the Room

Don’t forget to get the child’s input on things like bedsheets, curtains, comforters, etc. They might have some favorite colors that they would like to have in their room. They might also have some preferences with regard to what goes on the walls. Be sure to consider these things because it will make the child feel more welcome.

How Old Is the Child?

Be sure to consider the age of the child when you’re setting up their room. A girl of ten might love unicorns and soft toys, but a girl who is just getting into her teens might think she’s too old for that.

Is it a Boy or a Girl?

A boy will probably not feel very comfortable in a room which seems to be done up for a girl and vice versa. It might seem clichéd to do up a girl’s room in pinks and a boy’s room in blues but you have to do what makes the child comfortable.

Shopping for New Clothes

You can go shopping for some basic clothes like jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and coats (if the weather is turning cold) before the child comes to your home. But once they’ve settled in a bit, you can take them shopping for a few things. This can be a bonding experience in addition to a practical outing.

Learn More About Making a Child Feel Welcome in a Foster Home

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