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The length of time a foster child can stay with a foster family in Oklahoma depends on many different factors. Some of those reasons include:  when the child was initially placed in foster care; the child’s age; the family remains eligible as a foster family; and state regulations.

It Can Depend on Circumstances

Each foster child comes from unique circumstances, so it can be difficult to pinpoint a specific time frame in which the child will live with a qualified foster family. Sometimes it may only be a few days. Other times the foster child may need to stay with a family for several months. According to the Children’s Action Network, the average length of a child in a foster home tends to be about two years.

It Can Depend on Your Abilities

Foster family hugging in backyard

Shot of a happy young woman and her foster daughter hugging in their backyard.

If you’re considering qualifying to become a foster family, it’s a good idea to think about the foster child’s needs affecting your family. This is especially true if it may be a long-term placement. Some children require more therapeutic or nursing care, while others just need a loving home for a temporary time frame. The goal is always to reunite children with their biological parents, but sometimes that is not a possibility. You should also consider if you’re open to one child or sibling groups, as well as infants up to teenagers. Also, consider gender and think about your current family dynamics. You may also want to discuss with your family if you would be open to adopting at some point if the child is unable to return to their biological family.

Learn More About How Long a Child Can Stay With a Foster Family in Oklahoma

There are nearly 5,000 children in Oklahoma who need foster care services. Many of these children in need of a loving home are infants to preteen in age. Contact us for more information on becoming a foster family in Oklahoma, or if you would like to make a donation to help support children waiting for a loving home.