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How to Know if Adoption or Foster Care is Right for You

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Making the decision for either adoption or foster care is something that requires a lot of careful consideration. If you feel there’s value in providing a home for a child, the strong emotional pull is a great start. However, there’s more to consider for yourself, your family, and the potential child.

Short Term vs Long Term

First, the difference in fostering and adoption placement length. On one hand, foster care is typically a short-term placement with the goal of reunification with the child’s biological family. On the other hand, adoption is when the child may become a part of your family legally.

Training Either Way

adoption or foster care

A happy couple spending time with their beautiful adopted daughter while at home.

Whether you choose to foster or adopt, simply giving a child a loving and safe home isn’t enough. You’ll need to go through specific training and education to be prepared to accept everything that comes with a child who has been removed from their biological family or who does not have a biological family. This child brings more than just their belongings when they come to live with you. They bring emotions, trauma, and sometimes health challenges that you may not know how to handle without the proper training.

Additionally, working with an agency and dedicated caseworker can help educate you on the trauma a child goes through when coming from an unstable environment and how it may have affected their brain development. The child may be scared and/or scarred from their previous family situation and it’s best to go into foster care and adoption with your eyes wide open and your mind and heart prepared to help meet the child where they are in their season of life.

Learn Which Is Right for You: Adoption or Foster Care

It’s a good idea to identify an accredited and reputable agency with experience to help guide you on whichever path you choose, foster care of adoption. To learn more contact us today.