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foster families help children

Young parents piggybacking their two foster kids outdoors.

One way to think about the diverse services, objectives, and programs of the Texas Family Initiative (TFI) is in terms of the family experience. If TFI has a single “reason for being”, it is conviction that the family experience is irreplaceable in the healthy, happy development of every child.

Texas Family Initiative

That is why TFI invests so much effort, attention, and loving care in the quality of that experience. Take just a few examples:

  • When TFI chooses you to foster, it means your family has demonstrated stability, a safe environment, and potential as a mentor.
  • Why a “mentor”? Again, it goes back to the essential importance of the family experience. We want if possible for the foster child or foster siblings to remain connected with their birth family. Sometimes, the death of parents or a history of serious problems makes this undesirable. But when foster and birth family are able to function together in the life a child, the nurturing impact of “family” is enhanced.
  • When your family is qualifying as a foster family, the support you receive from TFI–such as training, reimbursement of some expenses, and settlement of the child into the community—is only the beginning. Our professionals are your partners throughout the entire foster/adopt experience.
  • When you recall your own family experience, what does it meant to you? Do you think of “the little things? Like when mom was teaching you to swim? When dad took you to see his place of work? The TFI website, including our blog and newsletters, offers it all. Indeed, any time you can find ideas, advice, and inspiration from experienced foster families. Also, guidance from the spectrum of child development professionals.

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Whether you are just considering the foster/adopt experience, looking forward to the next step in preparing for your foster child, or an actively engaged foster parent, contact us. We can provide the information, advice, or direct assistance you need right now. Remember, we’re all about a healthy, rewarding, and enjoyable family experience.