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Are you ready to become a foster parent? Although the process can be exciting, it might also lead into anxiety. Yes, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping a child who needs your help. But at the same time, your family will have to get used to having a foster child and vice versa.

Grieving Child

Your Foster Child Might Be Grieving

It can be very difficult for a child when they are uprooted from the place where they used to live and made to live somewhere else, with a different family. The child might be going through a grieving process. As a result, they may be uncommunicative. Or else, they might act out and get angry for no reason. This kind of behavior is normal when a child has to make a big adjustment. Plus, the fact is that they don’t know you yet. So they may not trust you entirely and may not look to you as a source of comfort.

Getting Over the Grieving Process

As a foster parent, you should keep in mind that this attitude will change eventually. As the child gets to know you and trust you, they will be able to confide in you as well. And this will help the child to get over their grieving process. Until then, you can keep trying to keep the channels of communication open with the child. Encourage your other family members to do the same.

How Long Do Children Grieve?

Some children might adjust quickly while others might take more time. It varies from child to child. So even if you’ve had a foster child before, you can’t expect that the second one will react in the same way. Each individual is different and gets over their grieving process in a different way.

Younger Children vs. Older Children

Different children will take different amounts of time to adjust. Sometimes, you may find that younger children adjust faster than older ones who have had more time to get set in their ways. But as long as you present yourself as a stable adult who is always there for the child, they will eventually adjust to their new situation.

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