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Foster agencies can help make this extraordinary holiday season less stressful for foster parents and children. Your local foster agencies work all year long to provide training and support. Our services are even more important during the holidays, when many families are dealing with new challenges and mixed emotions.

There’s plenty of room for holiday spirit even with COVID-19 around. Try these strategies for encouraging love and peace at home and in our communities:

How Foster Agencies Can Help Make Your Holidays Less StressfulAdjust Expectations.

The winter holidays look joyful in all those TV ads, but they can also put extra pressure on foster families, especially this year. Your foster children may have less contact with some of their loved ones. They may be missing out on their usual classroom and social activities, and you all may be feeling uncertain about the future. Be gentle and compassionate with yourselves and each other. Encourage open communication and listen closely to what your foster children have to say. Create daily rituals that help provide structure and security.

Adopt Healthy Habits.

There are no magic cures, but a healthy lifestyle can help boost your immune system and make you more resilient. Make time in your holiday schedule for having fun and bonding as a family. Enjoy outdoor sports and nature walks. Eat nutritious meals and snacks. Stick to a regular sleep schedule. Lower your risk of infection by wearing masks, distancing, and washing your hands often.

Arrange Respite Care:

Do you have a support system that allows you to take time off and tend to your own needs? Contact your foster agency to discuss respite care and any other resources that can help you stay strong and well while you care for your foster family.

Help us celebrate another year of doing what is best for children and families. Contact us at TFI Family Services to learn more about making a donation or becoming a foster parent in Kansas.