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Deciding to become a foster family is an incredible way to open your heart and home to a child who needs a sense of security. After taking classes, attending information sessions, and passing clearances and inspections, you may tick off every box of qualifications to take a child in, but still feel unsure that you’ve done absolutely everything necessary to create the most welcoming space possible. Here are a few thoughtful and subtle ways to make your home that much more ready for a foster child.

Simple but Impactful ways to Prepare for a Foster Child1. Diversify your picture book selection.

When you become a foster family, you may not know the gender or ethnicity of the child that will be placed with you. If you are going to be fostering younger children, having different picture books with illustrations and characters with diverse ethnic backgrounds will let your foster child see people that look like them if they’re a different race than you are.

2. Provide something that is just theirs. 

Children can enter foster care with few possessions that they can call their own. Having something ready, or buying something (new or used) during their first weeks with you could offer them something they’ve never had before, simply because it’s something they don’t necessarily have to share.

3. Know your schedule, but remain flexible.

If you’re someone who eats dinner at a different time every night or has an ever-changing schedule in other ways, before receiving your first placement may be a good time to solidify somethings. Schedules offer routine and security for kids that may really need something to rely on. You don’t need to be strict about it, but having predictability on the day-to-day can be huge for a child in foster care whose life may be otherwise hectic.

These are just three, easy to implement steps that might make you feel more ready to have a foster child. The most important thing to remember is that you are ready, and you will do great. For more information, please contact us.