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As a new foster parent, you’ll need to prepare your home so that it will be safe and welcoming for the children who enter it. One thing you’ll need to do is declutter your home in order to get rid of the items that no longer serve a purpose in it. This helps you make room and create new space for any children you take in. Any items that would be unsafe for little children and babies should be put away in a locked room or cabinet to prevent any hazards. Here are more ways to prepare your home for foster care.

How To Prepare Your Home For Foster Care

Get The Child’s Bedroom Ready

If you have a younger child coming to your home, then you might fill his room with a variety of fun toys, picture books, stuffed animals, and some comfortable blankets and sheets for his bed. If a teenager is coming to your home, you can put a TV, computer, some age-appropriate books for him to read, and some drawers for his clothes and important papers from school.

Provide His Basic Necessities

Since many kids in foster care arrive at a foster parent’s home with very few supplies, it is important that you have an adequate supply of their basic necessities. These include toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, bath towels, mouthwash, toothpaste, razors, sanitary pads, lotions, and diapers if a baby will be in your home. Also, stock up on popular snacks and drinks that most kids like.

Deep Clean Your Home

In addition to decluttering your home, it is crucial that you deep clean your home at least a few days before the child arrives at your home. This makes for a less stressful time when you receive the child, and the child can walk in an organized and neat living space.

Your home doesn’t have to be completely spotless. The most important thing is that you provide a home that is filled with love, support, and comfort that all children. If you are interested in becoming a foster parentcontact us. We’re here to give you the guidance and resources you need to start this journey the right way.