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Part of making your foster care home a safe place is knowing how to protect kids from falling. Sure, kids fall down all the time and usually sustain no serious injuries. However, these common accidents also send more than 8,000 kids each year to the emergency room.

Plus, while kids can lose their footing anywhere, most falls occur at home. As a foster parent, you can help reduce the risk and be prepared for what to do in case of an emergency. Here are suggestions for handling some of the most common hazards.

Preventing Falls in Your Foster Care Home

Clear away clutter.

Living with children makes it more difficult to keep clutter under control, but this needs to be a priority. Keeping things tidy doesn’t just make your foster home look better. It keeps everyone safer because there’s less risk of tripping over stuff and having stuff fall on you.

Inspect your surroundings.

A clean home can also make it easier to spot any problem areas. Are there loose rugs or floorboards that need to be repaired? Do you need safety devices like gates on stairs or guards on windows or mats in bathtubs? Even furniture can contribute to accidents, especially if kids climb on it. Make sure top heavy furniture and TVs are securely anchored.

Treat minor and major falls.

Simple precautions along with close supervision go a long way, but your foster child will probably still fall down sometimes. Minor spills usually need nothing more than a kiss and a hug, and maybe an ice pack to reduce swelling. On the other hand, prompt medical attention is required for serious falls. Call 911 or go immediately to an emergency room if your foster child loses consciousness or has difficulty breathing.

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