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Admit it, being a foster parent is one of the most fulfilling things. You get to enjoy the pleasures of parenthood and make a difference in a child’s life. But, can this affect your marriage or partnership?

Relationships are generally difficult, even without kids. And, when you bring another party into the equation, it’s normal for them to get more challenging. This is especially true when dealing with a child or children who have been traumatized.

Here are tips you can follow to strengthen your marriage/partnership, even as you raise a foster child.

Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage While Raising Foster Kids1. Communicate With Your Partner

You need to discuss what you are feeling, thinking, and going through to understand one another. Clear communication and understanding help you become one and deal with matters on a united front.

2. Have Some Alone Time Just for the Two of You

It is easy to get overwhelmed when parenting, but this should not be the reason you stop spending alone time together. Consider doing the things that you enjoyed before you had kids. Go on date nights and engage in a couple of activities to strengthen your bond…reignite your fire!

3. Seek Professional Counseling

If your marriage is on the rocks, it helps if you go to couples therapy. A good therapist will help you navigate your marriage, identify your weaknesses, and help you work on them.

Professional counseling will also help you to determine the traumas your child could be dealing with, making it easy for you to deal with them together.

4. Give Each Other a Break

No parent is perfect, and parenting kids who’ve been traumatized is a challenging task. Find ways to give your partner a safe space to air their emotions and make mistakes. Showing grace to each other instead of using criticism goes a long way in building a healthy marriage and partnership.

5. Celebrate Your Small Wins

Celebrate your small wins as a couple and as parents; it builds gratitude and helps you deal with the tough times that may come after.

Most importantly, seek help. This is not only a show of strength, but it allows you to be the best foster parent for your child. You don’t have to do this alone. Contact us today for helpful resources on how to become an amazing foster parent without compromising on your relationship.