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Foster care in and of itself is incredibly important, but emergency foster care is often even more important in many situations. Here are three reasons why emergency foster care is so important.


Why Emergency Foster Care Is So Important

It Provides A Nurturing Environment For The Child 

When a child comes into your home because of emergency foster care, you are providing them with a nurturing environment. Your home is a place where they can feel secure, loved, and otherwise nurtured. This is likely in direct contrast from the previous environment that they were in and is much needed in order for them to start their journey as a foster child.

It Gives The Child Emotional Support 

Another reason why emergency foster care is so important is because it provides a child with emotional support when they need it the most. The child has just been taken out of their home, and they are likely feeling a lot of turmoil. You can be there for them in any way possible and let them know that you are there to help. This helps them to know that you care for them and can give them a sounding board for their emotions.

The Child Has A Bed For The Night

Even if a child is brought into foster care late at night, it is important that they have a place to go that very night. This is where short-term foster care comes in. Anyone who has agreed to emergency foster care will be called and asked if the child can stay for at least one night and perhaps a bit longer. This gives the child a comfortable bed and secure place to sleep for the night.

To learn more reasons why emergency foster care is so important, or to become involved in foster care today, visit us at TFI Oklahoma.