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A foster parent is a person who officially takes up the responsibility of providing care for a child who is not his/her own biological child. They provide a good and conducive home environment that helps these foster children to develop and grow. This enables children to have a better experience for various reasons that make them in need of parental care, which may be due to abuse, loss of parents or even being neglected by their own biological parents.

Foster parents all over the world are helpful and play a vital role in the provision of care for children who may, for one reason or another, depend on the nation or state to provide them with care.

Main Requirements For Being a Foster ParentWhat Are The Requirements for Being a Foster Parent?

For one to be considered a foster parent approved by the governing bodies, there are requirements which one must satisfy before becoming a foster parent. She or he should;

  • Be of the age of at least 21 years.
  • Either have or not have children.
  • Emotional, physical health, socially and financially stable.
  • Have a rented home or own home with enough space and bedrooms for the children.
  • Willingly to support the children’s cultural, religious and racial backgrounds.
  • Understand the developmental needs of the child.
  • Be ready to undergo a vulnerable sector screening by police and be approved through an assessment process.
  • Work with the guidelines around foster parenting.
  • Have completed 27 hours of preservice training before the completion of the home study.
  • Work as a member of a team that focuses on the betterment of the interests of the children.
  • Knowledgeable or be willing to learn about the basic needs of the youth and the children.
  • Have no history of felony conviction records or convictions of abuse of either child, elderly or sexual abuse.

TFI Family Services, Inc. is a leading child welfare agency in Oklahoma and Nebraska that provides experience, compassion, quality service and care. Our strength as an organization is in the fact that we do what is best for children and families. We provide various Services to the community, including foster and kinship care, domestic and international adoption, counselling support and education, TIPS-MAPP training and visitation and exchange centers.

TFI Family Services is the parent company providing Services in Kansas and Nebraska. Our service area has expanded through our affiliates: TFI Family connections in Oklahoma and Texas Family initiative in Texas. Pathway Family Services is an affiliate in Kansas offering additional services to young people and families. We are a private, 501©(3) non-profit organization with a voluntary board of directors providing effective leadership, support, and guidance.

If you are willing to partner through donating willingly to the organization or would want to be a foster parent, we welcome you to partner with us. You can reach us via 1-877-942-2239 (for inquiries), 1-833-7FOSTER.